Find therapies to strengthen your immune system at Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort

Learn all about Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort

Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort was created by Dr. Carlos Bautista, who always had the dream of having a center that provided services where people can improve their health, detox their body, and feel with more energy after all the situations they’ve been through; for example, COVID-19.

Dr. Bautista said that this resort is located at Valle de Guadalupe, since the valley is mainly visited due to its wines and beautiful areas, and also because the idea was always for Montevalle to be surrounded by nature. The area where this resort is located was chosen to fulfill these characteristics.

Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort has an endless number of options to restore your health, click here to schedule a reservation.

Montevalle is not just a simple spa as it is medically focused, which means that it provides people the ability to get different types of treatments such as detox, strengthening the immune system, and improving your skin. These are all combined with different therapies in order to help those who have gone through complicated health matters or for those who are looking to prevent diseases.

It should be noted that Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort is meant primarily for adults. Though exceptions can be made, this is a place where people can enjoy a relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Visitors can enjoy several different amenities such as a “quiet room”, restaurant, pools, hot tubs, a Reflexology Path, yoga classes, meditation, and many more. Montevalle’s mission is to welcome people, both from Mexico and the United States, that wish to feel better and prevent diseases.

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