Baja California

Marina del Pilar promotes Care Center for women who have been victims of violence in Baja California

The goal is to promptly assist women who have been victims of violence

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, promoted the Care Center for the Justice of Women (CEJUM) which has supported over 2,000 women by applying the Comprehensive Assistance Model in order to promptly assist women who have been victims of violence.

The head of the Secretariat of the Interior (SGG), Catalino Zavala Márquez, pointed out that CEJUM exists to help in the prevention, eradication, and punishment of gender-based violence against women, girls, and teenage girls in Baja California.

During the Fourth Ordinary Session at the CEJUM Government Meeting, its director Magdalena Bautista Ramírez, submitted the 2022 report, all the way to the 3rd semester, where she highlighted the number of assistance services provided which rose to 2,043 women. 1,206 of these women were helped for the first time, and 837 of them were a follow up.

Of all the assistance provided in 2022, there were: 867 risk assessments; 1,108 psychological assistances; 1,507 judicial guidance; 113 health care services; and 102 empowering actions. This was revealed by CEJUM Director during the Fourth Ordinary Session.

Director Bautista informed that, in 2022, CEJUM has signed over 40 agreements with institutions and organizations that address and handle cases of violence against women, strengthening the relations between society and government. All of this in order to benefit the most vulnerable groups of society according to the governor’s policies.

At the Fourth Session representatives of SGG, the Secretariat of Finance, the Secretariat of Education, the Secretariat of Health, the Secretariat of Citizen Security, the State’s Attorney General Office, the System for the Comprehensive Development of Family; the Institute of Women of the State and Tijuana; the Secretariat of Social Wellbeing; No Más Cuartos Vacíos A.C; the Official Office; the Superior Tribunal of Justice of the State; and the State Commission of Human Rights were all present.

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