Basic basket costs $1,039 pesos ($52 dollars) in Tijuana, claims CEO of Walmart

The company argues that their prices have been under what is established by the law since Saturday, October 15

During the morning press conference of Monday, October 17, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated that he would hold a meeting with Walmart executives, alongside other companies, in order to address issues regarding the 24 products of the basic basket.

The president stated that this meeting’s main topic would be to make sure that these companies uphold the anti-inflation agreements that consist of keeping basic basket prices under $1,039 pesos.

During this private meeting, that took place today October 18, the CEO of Walmart, Judith McKenna pointed out that since last Saturday, October 15, the 24 products of the basic basket were already being offered to the public at several stores within the prices established by the law. She even mentioned that there are stores where these prices are way below the established limits.

According to Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, Federal Consumer Agency Official, at this meeting where the President of Mexico spoke with the CEO of Walmart, she told him that Walmart is complying with the anti-inflation plan of not increasing the prices of basic basket products while adding that the people of Mexico can count on them.

This was stated after Ricardo Sheffield mentioned at the morning press conference on Monday October 17, 2022, that Walmart had not lowered their prices of the 24 basic basket products, something that Bodega Aurrera had actually done.

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