Marina del Pilar backs presidential proposal to double vacation time for Mexican people

Vacation time will be doubled from six to twelve days after one year of work, with a sustained increase according to worker’s seniority

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, governor of Baja California, shared that she backs and endorses the proposal by the President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador to double vacation time for all Mexican workers. This will mean that, after one year of work, a worker’s vacation period will be 12 days instead of 6.

The governor of Baja California highlighted that the Fourth Transformation has created a series of public policies that prioritize the needs of the working class.

This proposal states that for each year that an employee works, their vacation period will increase 2 days until they reach 20 days. If one reaches their 6th year of work at the same workplace, vacation periods will increase by two days for every 5 years of work. It could reach up to 32 days a year, after 31 years of work.

Marina del Pilar explained that, recently, members of the Work Commission of the Mexican Senate approved the reform to Articles 76 and 77 of the Federal Worker Law, which will establish the new vacation period that will be applied in the country.

She emphasized that the next action to be taken legislatively is to submit the proposal to the Senate Plenary, which is why Governor Marina del Pilar said that she trusts that President López Obrador’s proposal will come to pass because of its social importance. She added that it is a historic reform that is paying a debt that the Government of Mexico owes to all workers, giving them the right to fair, healthy, and fun rest.

“Baja California is one of the states with the highest employment rates in our country, which is why this reform represents a great benefit for the hundreds of thousands of Baja Californians that are part of the productive sector,” she stated.

The state governor reiterated that the administration that she leads will continue to support all actions and public policies that benefit historically marginalized groups, since the Fourth Transformation largely represents the social justice that people have been historically asking for.

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