Marina del Pilar leads starting ceremony for Violet Squad in Ensenada

The Violet Squad will be in charge of handling gender-based and family violence cases in coordination with the XXIV Municipal Administration of Ensenada

The governor of Baja California led the starting ceremony of the Violet Squad which will handle cases whenever the lives of Ensenada native girls, teenage girls, and women are affected. The governor has highlighted her commitment in dealing with the causes that harm the integrity, both physical and emotional, of Baja Californian women, especially because she is the first female governor in the history of the state.

As part of the beginning of operations of this organization, Marina del Pilar signed an agreement with Ayala Robles, which includes a series of coordination measures between the XXIV Municipal Administration of Ensenada and the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Baja California (SSCBC), led by General Gilberto Landeros Briseño, to strengthen the Squad’s operations in the municipality, where it operates with three units and six municipal officers.

In her speech to Baja Californian society, the governor stated that, since the beginning of her administration, she has worked to promptly address the issues regarding gender-based violence alerts in the state of Baja California, one of the main ones being the need to move forward with security and safety actions for Baja Californian women. This is why Violet Squad operations, which are already occurring in the municipalities of Mexicali, San Quintin, and Ensenada, are a resounding measure in that sense.

The governor stated that her administration’s commitment is to create conditions so that all women can live safely and develop freely, while making it clear that in Baja California the integrity of girls, teenage girls, and women is respected. In addition, she highlighted that Violet Squad units have the necessary equipment so that the officers in charge can begin their training.

“Ensenada is an example of what we can accomplish when there is communication, when there is coordination. We have a drop in all high-impact crime rates and now, by creating the Violet Squad, we are taking on the responsibility that we have to decrease crime rates related to gender-based violence cases,” she stated.

According to SSCBC, throughout the year, the Violet Squad has carried out 11,750 concrete actions on their Mexicali and San Quintin sections, which is why Ensenada joining this program represents progress to eradicate gender violence in Baja California.

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