Playas de Rosarito becomes paradise for retired Americans

Every day, more Americans, mainly Californians, leave their homes to live on the other side of the border

News about Latin Americans crossing the border into the United States are written every day, always as a sign of alarm, since there are people who are still risking their lives in order to reach the “American Dream.”

However, what is not that well known is that there is another type of “American Dream”, which is also the opposite (although not in the same conditions). Every day, there are more Americans, mainly from California, that are leaving their homes due to high rent prices and cross the border into Mexico in order to change their residency.

Many of them settle in Tijuana in order to continue working in the USA, but others, such as retired and soon-to-be-retired Americans have laid their eyes on a place that is a little farther away and more appropriate for retirements: Playas de Rosarito.

On a website about international real estate strategies, Escape Artist, a woman wrote that she thinks that Rosarito is the ideal choice to retire. She does, however, mention the pros and cons of living in this municipality in Baja California.

Saira Peñaloza
Saira Peñaloza

Some of the pros that she mentions, perhaps the most interesting one for people, is home prices. If one chooses to rent or buy a house with an ocean view in the United States it would be more expensive and unaffordable than in Mexico.

Thanks to this, a retired American can choose whichever home they desire: a villa, a family home, or a condo. However, something that worries most people with these types of homes, especially in condos, is that they don’t tend to have adequate maintenance.

Saira Peñaloza
Saira Peñaloza

Another con is that Rosarito has considerable traffic and a lot of empty lots and abandoned houses. However, the pros outweigh the cons, because the municipality of Rosarito is 45 minutes away from the border crossing and there are plenty of activities that a retiree can enjoy such as walks and music at the beach.

Regarding moving to Rosarito, the woman stated: “There was a lot we could get from it. We could live well paying a lot less and entertain friends and family members who vacation there… the most attractive thing there would be the stress-free lifestyle because it is affordable. We could adopt it.”

Saira Peñaloza
Saira Peñaloza

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