Mexicali has the best menudo in all of Mexico!: TasteAtlas

It is also the second-best menudo in the world

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“Some things are a matter of taste”, many people say, especially when it comes to gastronomy. Every palate has different tastes depending on the ingredients used. That someone doesn’t like something, doesn’t automatically make it “bad”, only something that they don’t have a preference for.

TasteAtlas is a website with an interactive map where one can learn all about different international dishes, how they are made, and where they are from. Each of these is ranked to see if they are the best in the world. Restaurants where you can eat them at specific locations are also recommended.

In the menudo (a famous Mexican dish) category, the municipality with the best menudo in all of Mexico is Mexicali. Specifically, the menudo at restaurant “Museo Valle de Mexicali” located at Río Amazonas 582, Granjas Virreyes, 21190; which was recommended due to its ranking.

In addition to being considered one of the best menudos in Mexico, it was also ranked as the second-best menudo worldwide. Here is their statement: “Famous for its menudo, this place gathers locals of all ages and social backgrounds for the outstanding food. You can order a red one, the traditional one, or the typical one from Mexicali, which is white and has corn kernels.” It should be noted that the first place was taken by Good Luck Cafe in El Paso, US.

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