Marina del Pilar prioritizes safety and justice for Baja Californian women

Recently, the Courts Specialized Against Women Violence initiative was approved and the Public Registry of Sexual Offenders of Baja California was published

Baja California Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda celebrated the recent approval by local congress of the Courts Specialized Against Women Violence initiative as well as the publication of the Public Registry of Sexual Offenders of Baja California.

The state governor explained that while the first project is looking to ensure quick and soon justice to women who have been victims of gendered violence, the second one will make it easier for people at large to know which people have been sentenced for sex crimes in the state.

During the 41st edition of Wednesday Morning Press Conference with Marina del Pilar that took place in Mexicali, the governor emphasized that the creation of the courts constitutes “a step forward of the commitment to consolidate the transformation of Baja California, which is inevitably the right of all women to live free of violence.” As such, she highlighted that when a woman is victim of violence, so is her entire family which is why this is an important step to strengthen the social fabric of the state.

“These actions and the daily work that we do regarding gender perspectives are part of a commitment that all the state powers have to address the gender violence against women alert in our state. We do this because this is part of our principles and because it is a commitment we made: to work incessantly, closely, and with commitment to achieve a true profound change in Baja California,” she stated.

Marina del Pilar gave as an example the inauguration in August of a hearing room at Justice Center for Women of Baja California (CEJUM) facilities in Tijuana. Having judicial personnel will strengthen the comprehensive attention that is already being given to women 24 hours a day in this space, while also creating a possibility of carrying out remote hearings. This hearing room represents an example of the union of efforts between the state’s executive and judicial branches.

Lastly, Governor Marina del Pilar reiterated that Baja Californian women, especially those who have been victims of physical, psychological, economic, and emotional violence, are not alone, that institutions are ready to receive and assist them, since they are working timely to bring security and wellbeing to all women and their families.

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