Chile en Nogada Festival in Tijuana expects up to 1,000 attendants: Baja Window to the South

The complex process and flavor of this dish delights everyone who tries it

Photo by: Festival del Chile En Nogada & A Gringo in México

Baja Californian gastronomy is internationally renowned and one of its most famous offerings is craft beer. Though craft beer is made in several municipalities, it is also made in San Quintin, something not everyone knows. There are 7 breweries that gather at different times of the year in festivals and use different local products such as oysters.

Chile en nogada is one of the most delicious traditional Mexican dishes. It was brought over by Chef José Sparza to Tijuana which became a tradition to such an extent that a yearly festival dedicated to this food is carried out every year. This festival will take place on September 4 at Tijuana’s Cultural Center (CECUT). It is a very complex dish that takes a long time and precision to fill it up with meat, fruits, and nuts, and it is then drenched in a nut sauce. During this season, it is still soft and juicy, one can remove the skin and then it is the ideal moment for the star of the show: the nogada sauce that drenches the pepper.

When he made it, Chef José Sparza spoke about the importance of all and each of the ingredients, the complexity regarding their flavor, texture, and proportions, and even the simplicity when decorating them with only pepper, nut sauce, pomegranates, and parsley. He also spoke about its ideal temperature when eating it which is room temperature. The Chile en Nogada Festival will be free and it is for the whole family. There will be gastronomic options besides the chili peppers. It should be noted that this unique CECUT event only has seats for around 1,000 people.

Another attraction in Baja California is Raul’s, also known as KM 42. A beach located approximately 40 minutes from the border. This is an ideal place for those who wish to enjoy a relaxed surfing session that also has the perfect conditions for novices and even children who are learning how to surf.

Baja California has several different talents such as Joaquín Rosas Pérez, a 22-year-old ballet dancer who started his career when he was 19 years old. He claims that he is proud to be a Tijuana native from a tortilla-maker family. Recently he represented Mexico when he was accepted at a university in Europe. Joaquín hopes that in some years he can perform at international stages and come back to Mexico to teach what he learned during his learning period. He shared that he is currently organizing raffles and looking for sponsors to fund both his stay in Europe and his university enrollment, which has increased since he is a foreigner. Whoever is interested in helping Joaquin, you can call at him at 663-158-92-35 or email him at

Chef Oso explained to host Denitza García about the difference between pulque and aguamiel. Both are traditional Mexican drinks that are similar, but their difference lies in the fermentation period. Aguamiel is agave sap taken from the plant’s center, while pulque uses this same juice fermented for three days. Pulque has different benefits such as its 21 amino acids. Besides, when pulque is made, drinks called “curados” are made which use other ingredients such as milk, fruits, nuts, etc. In Baja California one can find this drink in places such as Boulevard 200, a family restaurant that brings it all the way from Hidalgo and cooks traditional barbacoa.

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VIDEO: Mexican Delicacies to Try in Baja California: Craft Beer, Chile en Nogada & Pulque!


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