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Baja Californian students will benefit from economic investment in basic education: Marina del Pilar

Historic investment in classrooms and school supplies for the state’s students; basic education classrooms will have air conditioning systems

During the weekly press conference by Governor Marina del Pilar she said that one of her main concerns is to create a healthy and safe environment for students. One of these issues has been the intense heat waves that can affect students' health, as well as teachers. Due to this, Marina del Pilar has said that air conditioning systems will be installed so as to improve conditions during the learning process. In addition, she thanked and acknowledged support by parents, as well as teachers and administrative personnel, for creating a learning process that is inclusive in order to develop better generations of citizens.

During the 40th edition of “Wednesday Morning Press Conference with Marina del Pilar” that took place in Tijuana, the state governor stated that on Monday August 29, more than 600,000 children will return to basic education schools. They will be taught by more than 31,000 teachers in more than 3,732 state education centers.

As a historic achievement, more than 338 million pesos are being invested in school maintenance, so that they are in optimal conditions to receive all students. In order to achieve this unprecedented series of actions, 945 air conditioning equipment was bought and is currently being installed in schools located in the areas with the highest temperatures.

In addition, more than 97 million pesos are being invested to grant 2,200 scholarships for learning achievements, while also delivering 57,000 school uniforms, 120,000 shoe aids, 96,000 schoolbags, 96 school supplies packages, and 7,000 eyeglasses. All of these elements will strengthen the learning capacity of thousands of students.

In addition, Marina del Pilar stated that the 2022-2023 school cycle will launch with good news from the school syndicate since, in order to ensure job security, 1,200 definitive appointments were made through a set base process.

“This effort is part of the huge commitment that Fourth Transformation administrations have, because it is clear to us that our children’s formation is one of the best tools that we have in order to create conditions for everyone’s welfare,” Ávila Olmeda stated in her speech to the Baja Californian people.

In addition, high impact programs to benefit Baja Californian students will be rolled out such as the “Educando con el Corazón” (Educating with Heart) program, which will guarantee extension of school days, as well as education aid for $15 million pesos for 25,000 basic education students of the seven Baja Californian municipalities.

The governor also highlighted the “Pancita Llena Corazón Contento” (Full Belly, Happy Heart) program, which gives children a healthy, balanced, and high-quality diet, and is reaching more than 133,000 students from 568 school facilities. These were all selected for being ideal places to launch this government program.

Marina del Pilar acknowledges FGE for detaining main instigator of violence in Baja California

On the other hand, Ávila Olmeda acknowledged the work carried out by the State’s Attorney General Office (FGE) led by Ricardo Iván Caripo Sánchez for arresting David “N”, the main instigator of violence in Baja California. This was carried out through an operation in collaboration with the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), as well as other federal security forces and the state of Nuevo Leon. Regarding this issue, Marina del Pilar underscored that unity among authorities is what will determine the eradication of impunity.

She also pointed out that important results have been achieved regarding crime rate reduction, including the important decrease of homicide rates compared to this same time period in 2021.

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