Baja California: A leading state in adventure sports

Feel like going outdoors? In Baja California you can find a variety of sports and adventure activities. Find out all about these in the latest episode of Baja Window to the South

The newest episode of Baja Window to the South told us many things about rappelling, sport fishing, and surf! This is a little sample of what Baja California has to offer as a place filled with extreme sports, adventure sports, and so much more.

You can partake in coasteering at La Bufadora! And if you love fishing, you can participate in the Baja California Cup fishing tournament, while also surfing in the isolated surfing spot at KM 38 in Rosarito.

If you want a more Zen destination with some nice seafood gastronomy, San Quintin may be your ideal place to visit. Here there’s a variety of botanical gardens, whale watching, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, birdwatching, among many other things.

Today’s guests included Chef Drew Deckman, owner of “Deckman’s” in Valle de Guadalupe who told us a little about his cuisine, his career, and what he thinks about the future of the Valle de Guadalupe region.

You also cannot miss his show: Ingrediente: A Restaurant Uprooted available only in Amazon Prime!

Are you ready to enjoy the best of Baja California?

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