Immunity Therapy Center focuses on the physical, spiritual, and mental health of their patients: Baja Window to the South

The founder of this medical facility, Dr. Carlos Bautista, had always dreamt about being a doctor and helping people

Cancer is a disease with several variants and intensities. Tijuana is known for its medical tourism, as such, this city is home to Immunity Therapy Center (ITC), a medical facility that provides a variety of treatments for cancer and other diseases.

The founder of this medical facility is Dr. Carlos Bautista who had always dreamt of being a doctor. While growing up in Tijuana, he used to help his father frequently at the pharmacy and that is where he started to appreciate the interaction between his father and the patients. He realized he wanted to work in the medical field. Since he was a young boy, he hated seeing sick people and not being able to help them.

Bautista stated that ITC wants patients to feel that the hospital is a safe and comfortable place. This is why all around the facilities one can see several motivational and encouraging phrases, while they make sure that the atmosphere is calm and relaxed.

Seeing his father suffer the effects of chemotherapy and therapy radiation, Dr. Bautista was motivated to study alternative cancer treatments, an inspiration that has lasted through the years. Inside of these medical center facilities, there are several areas such as recovery and surgery rooms, CT scanners, rooms, terraces, areas where patients and families can relax, and a restaurant where the most appropriate food, according to the doctors, is served. This includes diets low on carbohydrates, glycemic load, and alkaline-based food. It should be noted that every patient is different and these aspects are adapted.

There are several pieces of equipment for different treatments such as the CT Scanner, which has the most advanced technology and is one of the most recent at these facilities. This is done with the idea that patients don’t have to travel outside these facilities by always being treated here, which is why they will keep adding better equipment to provide the most efficient services.

Aline Reves is a patient from Florida who came to Tijuana to get her treatment at ITC. She claims that she couldn’t be happier both with how the staff treats her as well as the restaurant’s food, which is nutritious and delicious. She also says that she feels very safe at the apartment where she is currently staying at. She spoke about the testimonial of one of her friends who had been diagnosed with cancer in December 2021; he had stage 4 cancer and had undergone metastasis. After being treated at ITC, he was completely free of cancer.

The physical therapy area is one of the holistic treatments by ITC where they work on the patient’s quality of life with activities such as massages, muscular strength, lymphatic drainages, among other things. At ITC they are looking to focus on the patients and clients so that they feel comfortable at these facilities, especially regarding their stay in Tijuana, which has been transformed thanks to the blooming medical tourism that is occurring here.

This medical facility takes care of their patients mentally, spiritually, and physically, while ensuring that they are in a safe, warm, and relaxing environment.

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