Maglén Winery offers an unforgettable tourist and gastronomic experience in Valle de Guadalupe

There are also 60 rooms where you can stay at this wonderful resort

Baja Californian resorts are some of the biggest tourist attractions since they offer several services and one of the best in the state is Maglén Resort. It is located at Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, and here they will have everything necessary so that visitors enjoy their stay.

Alejandro Flores, Maglén Resort PR manager, spoke with Baja Window to the South host Denitza García about the wonders of this resort. It has 60 rooms where you can stay at divided into three areas , which are called El Encinal, Tesela, and Villas. They also have gastronomic offers at their two restaurants Cantera and Yumano, as well as a coffee shop, brewery, and the star of the resort, Maglén Winery.

Internationally awarded wines

Though Maglén wines are young, their great flavor and quality have been recognized internationally and have won several awards. They have classic offers such as red, white, and rosé wine; but since 2021 they have begun making orange wine and sparkling wine. The making of these last two is quite limited in Valle de Guadalupe.

Orange wine, meanwhile, gets its color when the juice of white grapes comes in contact with the grapes' skin. Sparkling wine is made in the traditional champagne method, which means there is a second fermentation in the bottle.

Maglén Winery has won five medals in two competitions: 2 gold medals thanks to their 100% Cabernet Reserve Wine 2018; and a gold medal and silver medal thanks to to their 100% Petit Verdot 2018. They also always take care of the fields and soil so that they can harvest good grapes to make them into wines.

Ancestral gastronomy at Yumano Restaurant

Meanwhile, Yumano Restaurant is named as such in honor of Baja California’s first ethnic group, the Yumanos. Their dishes are based on a mix of ancestral flavors, while always embracing the ethnic groups who were the first steppingstone in the state’s history. Among these groups there are Pai Pai, Kumiai, Cochimí, and Cocopah.

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At Yumano, they want to show their customers the techniques, flavors, and products used by all of these groups. In addition, they want to show the value of the region’s products, using local ingredients and even gathering spices from the mount next door to the restaurant which are used for pesto and other dishes. They have also built a new “oyster bar” where they serve the best and freshest oysters, specifically selected and brought over daily from San Quintin.

Yumano and the rest of the shops offering a wide variety of gastronomy have been built so that you can combine them with dishes and drinks offered at the resort. This is a whole and comprehensive experience at Valle de Guadalupe in one single place. This is why this place is visited not only by Mexicans, but by European and US foreigners.

Find out more about Yumano Restaurant on their social media pages:

Facebook: @yumano.maglen
Instagram: @yumano.maglen

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Maglén Resort was created 13 years ago by a Baja Californian family and nowadays is known for gathering in one single place everything that is representative of this region. It has its own winery, craft beer, two restaurants, a coffee shop, and lodging. It has become a favorite destination for celebrities such as Maná, Claudia Lizaldi, Paulina Goto, Celia Lora, Julieta Venegas, as well as Taylor Kinney, cast member of shows such as “Chicago Fire” and “Vampire Diaries”.

To find out more about Maglén Resort, follow their social media pages:

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