Mexico City chef triumphs with his auteur cuisine in Rosarito: Baja Window to the South

His unique proposal and great combinations have made him winner of several awards

Baja California is full of talents, especially when it comes to the region’s several chefs. Some of them are native and some of them have come here for different reasons and decided to settle down in one of the state’s municipalities. Such is the case with chef Richard Chiñas, one of the best Rosarito cooks who is currently the executive chef at restaurant Lazzo de Tinto at Rancho El Descanso located in this very same municipality.

Chef Chiñas is a Mexico City native who has been working for two years in his two restaurants with a concept of his own creation. He claims that the general public has treated him quite well due to his different gastronomic proposal that is distinct from what is offered locally.

Chef Mario Medina claims that Lazzo de Tinto is one of the pillars and main starting points for Rosarito’s new gastronomy. Chiñas added that the beginning of his career in Rosarito started with the pandemic. One of his former colleagues in Mexico City told him about jobs offered in this coastline city. Richard sent his resume, was selected, and he started to create his restaurant’s concept. He began by making auteur cuisine whose popularity started to consolidate among customers.

At first, his menu had 170 dishes with several preparation methods using local products such as fish and seafood. He subsequently opened another restaurant at Marina de Palmira in La Paz, Baja California Sur. This year he won the Fine Dining award by CANIRAC, demonstrating that his culinary proposals, presentations, and combinations are adored by the public.

Lastly, Chef Richard made an avocado toast with steak slices, onion, bell pepper, salsa, and quail eggs; a different kind of “avocado toast” to what is normally known.

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