Marina del Pilar congratulates Diego Cervantes for winning gold at the Central American Fencing Championship

Once again, Baja Californian athletes elevate the name of the state after Diego Cervantes wins a Gold Medal at the Central American Fencing Championship

The name of Baja California was elevated to the highest of places after the triumph of Diego Cervantes was confirmed. He is a Mexicali native athlete who won the Central American and Caribbean Fencing Championship.

The young man won gold at the event, something that quickly spread worldwide through social media, eventually reaching Baja Californian Governor Marina del Pilar, who wasted no time in congratulating the cachanilla athlete.

We are very proud of you and your performance. I am sure that with your professionalism, you will accomplish and achieve many great things”, she wrote on her official Facebook page.

Though he lost a medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo against French fencer Enzo Lefort in a heart-racing match that ended with a score of 11-15, the Baja Californian athlete has rebounded and has become once again one of the best fencing athletes in the world.

Congratulations, Diego!

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