Tijuana, place of interest in missing American girl case

Her adoptive parents are doing everything they can to locate her

Oakley Carlson went missing more than one year ago in Washington, USA. The American girl had been living with her adoptive parents since she was nine months old. However, it is believed that her biological parents kidnapped her.

The child is currently five years old and has brown eyes and brown hair.

The search for this girl has reached newspapers and the case has gone viral due to the girl being seen. The most recent sighting was in an Apple store in San Diego, which is why the search has widened to include the border city of Tijuana.

It should be noted that Oakley was only 4 years old when she was kidnapped which is why she may look a little different from the photographs shared by her parents, the Hiles.

“Tijuana is now an area of interest for this missing child’s case. Please, look closely at the photo collage of her last known 3 images we have. She would be over a year older from these last known images, she is currently 5 1/2 years old and may be being disguised. She likely is missing a couple teeth by now,” they wrote on the Talk Baja Facebook group.

The Hales are trying to find Oakley and have even offered a reward of $75,000 dollars for anyone who has information that could lead them to her. This amount will continue to increase as more funds are raised.

If you have any information about this missing girl click here. You will find more information and ways to contact their parents.

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