Movie filmed at Centinela-La Rumorosa highway in Baja California

This project's goal is to show the beauty and cultural richness of Mexico

A new cinematic project called “Todavía Conmigo” (Still With Me) will have scenes filmed in several different regions of the state of Baja California, among these, the natural landscapes of the mountainous areas of the Centinela-La Rumorosa highway.

Carlos Gómez González stated that the production by Omar Veytia and Luis Ernesto Franco was being backed by the Public Trust of the Centinela-La Rumorosa Road Funding and Investment Administration (FIARUM) so that they could film these scenes.

The head of the agency explained that the makers of this Mexican film contacted them through the Commission of Cinema of Baja California and, due to this, they were given permission so they could film as easy as possible. This was carried out in coordination with the National Guard.

“For us, it is very important to be a part of this type of projects. It offers us the opportunity to fulfill the instructions given by Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda of promoting the film industry and showing what our state has to offer internationally,” said Gómez González.

The team led by Director Alfonso Pineda Ulloa received assistance from FIARUM staff during the filming, which included takes of the highway and toll booth areas.

“Todavía Conmigo” has as protagonists Mexican actors Bárbara López and Luis Ernest Franco. This movie is looking to show the beauty and cultural richness of our country with a plot that includes a motorcycle tour through the Baja California peninsula.

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