Mexican restaurant ranked among the 5 best in the world

Two restaurants of this continent are among the best restaurants in the world

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The 50 Best Restaurants in the World will be celebrated today during a ceremony in London. Mexico is ranked among the first places at this event.

This year’s winner is gourmet restaurant Geranium in Denmark, considered the best in the world, replacing Noma, another iconic Danish restaurant. As such, Copenhagen keeps its reputation as the world’s haute cuisine gastronomy capital.

The award ceremony organized by Stanley Tucci is occurring after being paused in 2020 and after a controversial rule change that prevented previous winners from being ranked first place again. This ruled out first-rate restaurants such as Osteria Francesca in Módena, Italy; Mirazor in Menton, France; and the new Noma, which won a fifth time in 2021 after renewing its menu as well as its location.

Among the first five places, there are two in the American continent. Second place was won by restaurant Central in Lima, Peru. Meanwhile, the fifth place was won by restaurant Pujol in Mexico City, and another Mexican restaurant, Quintonil, was ranked 9th place.

Trying to gather the best of the world’s gastronomy in just 50 restaurants is quite an ambitious project for any organization. For 50 Best, it has been no exception. This organization has been criticized since the competition began for being unable to really gather all of the restaurants in the world.

Another source of strong criticism has been their overlooking of countries in historically colonized places such as Africa and the Indian subcontinent. This year, the organization has included restaurants from the Middle East and Northern Africa on their list, according to magazine Bon Appétit .

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