Marina del Pilar promotes work by young people with disabilities in Baja California

“Mundo de Chocolate, una fábrica especial” presented their project to the state governor

Baja California Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda has promoted a public policy focused on the well-being of people with disabilities, which has been reflected with the work carried out in coordination with the Government of Mexico such as universal social support for this part of the population, as well as direct intervention in benefit of those who have a disability and their loved ones.

As such, the governor welcomed to her office in Mexicali the team of business enterprise “Mundo Chocolate, una fábrica especial” which makes chocolate bars and is comprised of a young group of people with Down Syndrome and other disabilities who have worked continuously since October 2021 in Mexicali.

During the meeting, Marina del Pilar highlighted the tenacity and courage that young people with disabilities put on their work, which was built from a project that began as an activity at the Pro Down Physical Activity Club, a civil association which has been active in Mexicali for 11 years.

Ávila Olmeda recognized the work by the three young people with disabilities that participate as well as the mother who accompanies them, and the driving force of the project. David Rangel Corona, for demonstrating that everyone has a right to make their dreams come true. This is why she encouraged the team of “Mundo de Chocolate, una fábrica especial” to put their hearts above all in order to strengthen this business, since they have the support of the Baja California state government.

The participating youth showed Governor Marina del Pilar the history of their company and its growth, as well as points of view and their present and future needs in order to continue and expand in the Mexicali market, as well as highlighting the value of their product made with courage and commitment.

Paola, Vanessa, and Ángel asked Governor Marina del Pilar for her support so that the Secretariat of Education allows them to sell and set up sale stands in school facilities, and gifted her a special edition of their product named “Marina del Pilar”, with a picture of the governor in the wrap.

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