“La Guerrerense” in Ensenada was considered “the best street food in the world” by Anthony Bourdain: Baja Window to the South

Their products were taken to Singapore with help from this chef

“La Guerrerense” is one of the most famous seafood street carts in the entire municipality of Ensenada due to its flavors, innovations in the culinary world, as well as its great history and popularity among famous people and internationally renowned chefs.

This popularity rose to such a point that the famous chef Anthony Bourdain called it “the best street food in the world.” This cart, as well as Sabina Restaurante in Ensenada and Guerrerense in Mexico City, are led by Sabina Bandera, a very talented cook from Guerrero who was instructed by her parents-in-law and husband in the art of preparing seafood Baja Californian style.

The great innovations and delicious flavor of this cart make Baja Californians and tourists want to visit this cart week after week to try Sabina’s incredible seasoning. Baja Window to the South hosts, Scott Koenig and Olga Sánchez de la Vega did not miss the opportunity of eating one of Bandera’s creations.

Sabina prepared two tostadas: one was the newest recipe of Guerrerense ceviche in orange juice and their famous “Singapore tostada”, which was presented in this Asian city in an international competition. It should be noted that it won first place in sales and third place overall. Their participation at this contest was thanks to the help and endorsement of Anthony Bourdain.

Bandera said that one of the tostadas that sells the most is the urchin and clam tostada, which was created thanks to advice by Chef Benito Molina during one of his visits. Bandera added that the products are brought in from the coasts of Ensenada and San Quintin, where they tell them the exact amount of seafood that they need, which are then brought directly to her.

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