“La Guerrerense” will open a new restaurant in Valle de Guadalupe

This famous seafood cart will have a restaurant in el Valle

Photo by: La Guerrerense Facebook & Ensenada, Baja California

Baja California has several different gastronomic options that are very well known both to residents and tourists. Some of these are not necessarily big shops or luxurious restaurants, for example, “La Guerrerense” a seafood cart located in Ensenada which has earned recognition worldwide.

This cart is led by Mrs. Sabina Bandera of “La Guerrerense” a seafood cart that has become famous among Baja Californians and tourists due to its great flavors and innovations that have been made over the years, while also having great chefs in its ranks. Besides also having the Sabina Restaurant in Ensenada and Guerrerense in Mexico City, Sabina will open a new restaurant that will be located in Valle de Guadalupe, where she will have the opportunity of offering better seafood to more people.

It should be noted that this news was an exclusive revealed in the latest episode of Baja Window to the South. There, our hosts Scott Koenig and Olga Sánchez de la Vega visited Sabina in her cart and then tried one of her most famous tostadas, "Singapore" which was presented in the Asian city with help from the famous chef Anthony Bourdain. He believed in and endorsed Sabina and her seasoning, and even said that her dishes were the best street food in the world.

Sabina is also known as “La Güerita” or “La Guerrerense” and was taught by her parents-in-law to prepare seafood. Little by little, she has been innovating her dishes and has created on her own more than 13 sauces, which give each dish that special touch whenever served. La Guerrerense was founded in 1960 by Sabina’s parents-in-law: Alberto Oviedo y Celia Carranza.

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