Tostada created in Ensenada won first place in competition in Singapore: Baja Window to the South

Did you know that “La Guerrerense” won this award a few years ago?

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Baja Window to the South began with Denitza García, born in San Diego but raised in Tijuana, who studied acting both in Mexico City and LA, and also studied in the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. She has appeared in several television programs such as Fear the Walking Dead and has been in movies such as Across the Line and Day Labor, which will be released this year.

Denitza commented that Baja California is a big part of her and has given her a lot, even when she began filming Across the Line and Fear the Walking Dead since both were filmed in this state. She added that the first moment she was on a stage when she was three years old, she decided she wanted to do this for the rest of her life. This has been a very important part of her career since, besides being in front of the cameras, she has also participated in the production of these films, showing the importance that quality has in her content.

García added that one of her favorite places to film Fear the Walking Dead was Ensenada since it was a great experience. Besides being a guest in Baja Window to the South, she has joined the show as a reporter which will reveal to viewers the different places that the state has to offer to both residents and tourists alike.

As part of her first capsule, Denitza took us to Ensenada better known as “The Cinderella of the Pacific.” It is the third biggest city of Baja California and the biggest municipality in Mexico due to its physical geography, flora, and fauna. It is a great trading port, being the second busiest port in the entire country, as well as being a marine tourist port with more than 7,000 visitors. It is not the only thing to note here since this is also the place where the wine route begins, bringing tourists to Valle de Guadalupe, making it the capital of Mexican wine as it has more than 150 winemaking enterprises.

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Tourists who visit Ensenada have said that they like this port both for its food, its weather, and its great atmosphere. One can visit places such as La Bufadora, the seafood market better known as “Mercado Negro”, the cultural and civic center “La Rivera del Pacífico”, the Wine Route, and “La Guerrerense”, which is one of the city’s most famous street food carts.

Scott and Olga went to “La Guerrerense”, one of their favorite places where Sabina Bandera founded the street food cart 60 years ago. Later, Anthony Bourdain would call it the “Best Street Food in the World”. Sabina stated that besides having her classic food cart, she also has other restaurants, one of these is in Mexico City and another one will be opened soon in Valle de Guadalupe.

Bandera added that their products come both from Ensenada and San Quintin, which are only a phone call away; she orders the exact amount that she needs. One of her most famous tostadas is made out of clam and urchin, which she said was created thanks to a visit and advice from Chef Benito Molina.

She made Scott and Olga a “Singapore Tostada” which was first presented in this Asian city under the patronage and support of Anthony Bourdain, which won first place on sales and third place in the general competition. They also tried a Guerrerense ceviche, which is made out of fish with orange juice, vegetables, and shrimp on top.

Meanwhile, Olga went to “HorsePower Ranch” one of the places where most Baja 500 racers stay at. It has more than 100 years of history as it was founded in 1918, and though it used to be only opened during racing seasons, it is now open to the public almost the entire year. More than 200 people can stay here as it has 51 rooms.

On the Tacos With Muchachos segment, Scott went with Chef Mario Medina to Carnitas Los Panchos, a restaurant located in Rosarito, which is considered one of the best in the municipality as it has over 70 years of service. Both tried a chamorro taco and a rib taco and they both thought that they were good because of the softness of the meat and the great flavor of all ingredients.

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RELATED VIDEO: Baja Window to The South


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