Tijuana native teenagers ask for help through GoFundMe for their father who will be undergoing brain tumor operation

Sisters Diana and Estefanía Villa are looking to raise funds to treat their father’s Broca’s aphasia diagnosis, an injury that affects the brain’s frontal lobe

The Villa sisters, Diana and Estefania, launched a fundraiser through the “GoFundMe” platform in order to support their father’s treatment and rehabilitation, since their father was recently diagnosed withBroca’s aphasia.

According to the information shared, the 59-year-old man’s condition is very delicate, since in the last 3 weeks his disease has progressed quite quickly and he is currently unable to read, write, speak, or walk all by himself.

In addition, Diana revealed that he also has other types of brain damage that continue affecting his body which haven’t been diagnosed.

Broca’s aphasia is a condition that hampers the ability to communicate, and is located in the front lobe of the brain, the area that controls the body’s movements.

Though the disease is not reversible, Diana and Estefania are currently doing everything possible to bring their father a better quality of life. However, the treatment is very expensive, not to mention that he is still being checked by different specialists who constantly give him new tests.

It should be noted that a big-sized brain tumor was recently detected, which is why he needs a surgery that costs around 15,000 dollars.

The Villa family is looking to get enough money to pay for the surgical procedure that he needs, as well as wheelchair treatment, room refurbishment, and the therapies that are about to begin.

If you wish to support the family, the GoFundMe page where you can donate any amount you wish is right here: GoFundMe

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