Rosarito offers a great variety of gastronomy: Baja Window to the South

This was claimed by Chef Mario Medina

Photo by: Sergio Peña Medrano on Google & Agringoinmexico

Every episode of Tacos With Muchachos, a segment of the Baja Window to the South show, brings new guests and new places to visit. On this occasion, our host Scott Koenig went with his muchacho, Chef Mario Medina, to Tacos El Sureño in Rosarito.

Mario works at Ursula Restaurante located at Las Rocas Resort. The taqueria that they visited has southern seasoning (as its name suggests), as it has roots from the state of Puebla, which is, funnily enough, Mario’s father's state of birth.

Medina and Koenig tried a tripe taco and a suadero taco respectively. Something interesting to note is that though tripe tacos are usually crunchy and fried, in this place they are made Poblano style which means they are cooked when they are softer and juicier, giving an interesting twist to this very popular dish.

Scott described the suadero taco as full of flavor, with a magnificent texture, and also said that its handmade tortillas are great. Mario added that Rosarito has great gastronomy, from restaurants to taquerias and urban food, stating that not only Tijuana and Mexicali offer great dishes.

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