Where is the best place to get treated for cancer?

Mexico has become the first tourist destination for Americans when it comes to health matters

Mexico has become the first tourist destination for Americans when it comes to health matters. Several factors contribute to Americans’ decision to get their health issues treated in cities such as Tijuana and Mexicali.

One of these factors, and perhaps the most relevant one to understand this social phenomenon, is the excellent quality of specialized doctors when it comes to treating cancer or malignant tumors. Also, patients can find breakthroughs in laparoscopy and robotic surgery in Tijuana.

Economy is another important factor. Medical treatment costs are 30% to 70% cheaper in Mexico than in the United States. One can add to this relevant fact another one: geographical position. There is a symbiotic relation between both countries. For example, Mexico offers high-quality medical services and very affordable prices, while American patients play a tourist role. Every year, the number of foreigners who are looking for a medical center to treat their diseases in Mexico increases.

According to an article published by the BBC, Tijuana received around 1,2 million people for medical tourism in 2018. This year, this number reached 2,5 million people. This has already been noticed by investors who are working to offer better lodging facilities not only for patients, but also their companions.

The low cost of treatments, consultations, and medications, as well as the prestige that doctors in the border have, have made Tijuana the first medical destination for Americans. In addition, there are a lot of Americans who are looking for alternative cancer treatments, which means they focus even more on this border city.

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Many patients are looking for alternative treatments because conventional ones such as chemotherapy tend to have a lot of side effects with hair loss in different parts of the body (known as alopecia) as the best known. However, it is a long list: anemia, changes in skin and nails, fertility problems in women and men, deliriums, diarrhea, edema, nausea, and vomiting are some of these side effects.

Chemotherapy is a chemical process that acts directly on active human cells, stopping their multiplication and destroying them. Unfortunately, it not only destroys cancer cells, but also healthy cells.

In an investigation titled Toxicity of oncological treatments, Doctor Christina Caballero writes that the most affected cells during chemotherapy are healthy cells, and the side effects, or toxic effects, have a direct consequence when it comes to quality of life, causing fear in some patients. She, however, adds at the end that the effects are bearable.

Despite the variety of medications that exist nowadays to treat cancerous conditions, side effects or toxic effects continue to appear. In the words of Doctor Caballero, “despite the great number of selectivity with these directed therapies, a series of collateral effects, sometimes unpredictable, emerges.”

Physical wear caused by side effects makes patients look for other types of treatments, for example, alternative medicine.

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Complementary or alternative medicine, instead of a conventional procedure as it is often done under the scientific method, consists of healing the body through therapies unrelated to the use of medications.

In Tijuana, the capital of medical tourism, you will find Immunity Therapy Center, Cancer Tutor certified center to treat cancer. It offers a second point of view against traditional medicine and its difficult side effects. Immunity Therapy Center holds itself to account through strict assessment and evaluation processes that ratify it as a high-quality option, capable of assisting and treating cancer problems.

They also have around 28 alternative treatments to fight cancer. Some of these are: “Vaccine Against Specific Killer Cells”, “Intravenous Curcumin Treatment”, “Viral Vaccination Cancer Treatment”, “Enzyme Therapy”, “Biomagnetic Therapy”, among others.

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Types of alternative cancer treatments

More than 21 alternative therapies and natural treatments for cancer are combined with traditional treatments. Some of the options are:

Enzyme therapy
• Vitamin and mineral therapies
• Oxygen therapy
• biomagnetic therapy
• Laser therapy
• HALO therapy
• Hyperthermia

It is important to note that most stays are for six weeks, but depending on the patient and the progress of their condition, this period may be longer or shorter. Instructions are provided so that the patient can continue their treatment at home after leaving the center.

This type of treatment is unique because of its use of alternative therapy, and therefore not covered by medical insurance, so each patient must pay for his or her own expenses. Patients can contact the center for help finding the best payment option.

Most patients come to the center accompanied by a loved one, so that they have the support and company of someone they trust, which is crucial when undergoing treatment for disease.

To learn more about the center and its therapies, visit the following link. This could be the life opportunity you’ve been looking for.

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Alternative Cancer Treatment in Mexico | Survivor Testimonials

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