Monte Xanic wins 2 gold medals in International Wine Competition

Juan Meléndrez Espinoza, Secretary of the Country and Food Security, delivered the award

Secretary of the Country and Food Security, Juan Meléndrez Espinoza, was invited to deliver the “Bacchus de Oro” awards to Monte Xanic, which they won due to their Mallbec limited 2020 edition and Cabernet Franc 2020 wines.

The “Bacchus” award is the only international wine competition in Spain that takes place annually and is organized by VINOFED, an organization that integrates the most prestigious wine contests worldwide.

It is also recognized by the International Organization of Wine and Vine (OIV) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and the Environment (MAGRAMA) in Spain; all prestigious organizations that confirm Bacchus status as a world reference.

Last May the XX International Bacchus 2022 Wine Competition was held. Here 1,747 wine samples from 17 countries were evaluated and 84 judges from 30 countries participated, including Mexico which was represented by the Baja Californian Rocío Amador.

“Bacchus” representative Fernando Gurucharri, president of this international wine contest and president of Spain’s Winetaster Union, arrived to deliver the awards to Monte Xanic. Gurucharri is also an observer at the International Organization of Wine and Vine.

Besides the Secretary of the Country and Food Security, Juan Meléndrez Espinoza, the following people were present at the award ceremony: Hans Backhoff Guerrero of Vinícola Monte Xanic and President of the Winemaking Mexican Council; Rocío Amador, Director of Guía Peñín in Mexico, judge of the Bacchus Wine International Competition, Merlots World Contest, and Pinots World Contest in Switzerland, UABC Wine Competition in Mexico, and Specialized Counselor of public organization and the winemaking sector; Joanna Ciborowska, Director of Vizar Exportaciones and purchaser of Premium Vintana Switzerland Wines, member of the Spain’s Winetaster Union, marketing specialist, and wine export and import project developer; and Aina Mee Myhre, master of wine and founder and partner of Heyday Wines import enterprise along with the biggest winemaking group in Scandinavia.

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