Rib taco and chinicuiles with green sauce stand out in Tijuana: Baja Window to the South

The sauce was made with milpero tomato

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Mexican gastronomy is full of wonders, a style where different combinations create dishes that everyone loves. A chef’s great talents are behind these creations, which go through many different trial and error processes in order to discover the ideal fusion.

Chef José Sparza shared another one of his dishes with Baja Window to the South hosts: Scott Koenig and Olga Sánchez de la Vega. During these last few segments, we have found out the art of cooking edible insects which is why, on this occasion, they were able to try another delicacy with this great ingredient.

This was a short rib taco, which was simmered for 5 hours. What made this so different was the milpero tomato sauce with chinicuiles, which live at the roots of maguey stalks. Previously, Sparza had said that these worms must be cooked while alive since a specific oil is added that grants them their flavor.

When they tasted the taco, both Scott and Olga were delighted by the incredible flavor of the slow-cooked rib as well as the acidity, the slight spiciness, and the “earthy” flavor of the chinicuiles sauce. Koenig said that this would be something that he would eat every day and would never get tired of. This type of gastronomic traditions began in the south and center of the country, which are now being revealed all the way to the border city of Tijuana.

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