Marina del Pilar encourages Baja Californians to donate blood to save lives

The state government wants over 60,000 residents to become altruistic donors

Baja California Governor, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, celebrating World Blood Donor Day , invited Baja Californian residents to have solidarity with blood donations and become recurring donors since these actions save lives.

She said:

Those minutes that somebody dedicates to donating blood can save somebody’s life, somebody we don’t know. That person will be able to live thanks to something that you are gifting: the gift of life.

Marina del Pilar recognized the work that the State Center of Blood Transfusions does, since they have trained personnel that carries out this very noble line of work.

She added that a lot of the patients that require blood transfusions are boys and girls with oncological conditions, which is why donating blood is so valuable.

The governor stated:

Thanks to all the donors that are joining this type of campaigns. Thanks to all the medical staff that is promoting that we gift life and do this sort of actions with our hearts open for everyone.

Ávila Olmeda said that the state government’s goal is to make 60,000 Baja Californians altruistic donors this year, strengthening the health sector and the possibility of helping people all across the state so they can survive.

For his part, the Secretary of Health of Baja California, José Adrián Medina Amarillas, said that due to the civility and social commitment of Mexicans, the World Health Organization (WHO) chose our country as venue of their international celebration.

The state official also mentioned that “if a person donates blood, they donate life” which is why this is a social commitment and act of solidarity with the rest of society that must not be overlooked.

At this event, the Head of the State Center of Blood Transfusion of Baja California, Ricardo de León, and the delegate of the Social Security Mexican Institute (IMSS) of Baja California, San Luis Río Colorado, and Sonora, Desirée Sagarnaga Durante, were both present.

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