Marina del Pilar promotes new community policy in Baja California

In order to benefit people with greater needs, new public policy strategies will be planned in cooperation with CONAPO

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In order to reduce inequality among different social groups and benefit people with greater needs, Baja California Governor, Marina del Pilar signed an agreement with CONAPO where specific actions will be taken regarding community policy matters in the state with aid from the Government of Mexico.

The agreement named “Promoting Community Policy in the State” was signed in the city of Ensenada along with the head of CONAPO, Gabriela Rodríguez Ramírez, who highlighted the state administration’s willingness to focus on public policies following proper guidelines to face current challenges.

In her speech, Marina del Pilar spoke about the 2022-2027 State Development Plan which takes opinions, feelings, and ideas from all over Baja Californian society, making it clear that this government is open for everyone, especially the most vulnerable.

Based on statistics and projections, the governor said that, even though Baja California has around 3,7 million inhabitants, it is estimated that by 2050, the state will reach 4,8 million people, which is why it is important to anticipate sociodemographic phenomena in public policy.

“This agreement made along with CONAPO promotes working on community policy, where the priority of both the federal and state government is to create closer ties, walk together, and join efforts to promote public policy in favor of population groups that are especially vulnerable,” she said.

She especially acknowledged Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for bringing social programs to more than 9 million elderly people 65 years or older as well as designing programs that promote young people and connect them with education and the productive sector in every state of Mexico.

“The Baja California that we dream of and deserve is the one that is capable of knowing everything about its population, identifying its needs, its wishes and dreams, and looking to strengthen their skills to promote the development and wellbeing of everyone, always with heart,” she said at the end.

For her part, Rodríguez Ramírez pointed out that the agreement’s objective is to strengthen the coordination of the state administration of Baja California so that it can focus specifically on improving the quality of life and safeguard everyone’s human rights.

“From CONAPO we endorse the commitment of working in a coordinated matter with the State Government of Baja California when it comes to population policies,” she said.

Moreover, Marina del Pilar presided over the award ceremony of the state stage of the National Child and Young People’s Painting Competition “Saber cuántas, cuántos y quiénes somos” (Knowing how many and who we are), where Baja Californian children and young people drew creatively their ideas, thoughts, and emotions regarding the diversity of the children and youth of our country.

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