Infrastructure of Tijuana’s House of Culture is a copy of a school building in Arizona: Baja Window to the South

This building was also used as a military base for a few years

Photo by: Amigos de la Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana

Tijuana has several historical places that are also characteristic of this city. Some of them promote knowledge and art as things that are essential, which means that classes take place in them taught by different people. An example of this is Tijuana’s Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture).

La Casa de la Cultura of Tijuana was built in 1929, but was inaugurated in 1930 under the administration of Governor José Maria Tapia. Originally it wasn’t a cultural building, but a school named Álvaro Obregón which from 1940 to 1945 was occupied by the military.

This use by the army caused radio-telecommunication equipment to be installed which helped them to detect messages, by both allies and enemies. More than a decade later, the auditorium was the venue of the Constitutional Congress of the new state.

From this year onwards, the building has been used as a school for several different cultural activities. But it was only officially declared as the official Casa de la Cultura of Tijuana until 1977. In 2014, these facilities were decreed as Cultural Heritage of Baja California which has art, dance, and music workshops.

An interesting fact about Casa de la Cultura is that it is a copy of a school building located in Arizona. The only thing that differentiates these structures is that the one in the US was built with yellow bricks, while the one in Tijuana was built with red bricks. Aside form this, they are twin buildings with the same proportions. Likewise, this center was built first with an educational goal, an objective which hasn’t been lost to the current day.

The auditorium of the House of Culture has been the stage not only of the Constitutional Congress of 1953, but also for nationally and internationally renowned artists to this day. With the exception of the seats and the floor, the building still maintains its original structure built since 1930.

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