“Queto Taco” by El Tasajo Taquería in Mexicali will surprise your palate

It is served on a New York strip steak

On this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Mexicali, our host Chef Danny Betancourt went to “El Tasajo Taquería” located at Calzada Cuauhtémoc 601, Prohogar. On this occasion he tried two tacos with very peculiar names: a Bipolar taco priced at $4 dollars ($75 pesos) and a Queto Taco priced at $3.5 dollars ($65 pesos).

Bipolar Taco

This taco has onion, coriander, a shrimp brochette, a New York strip steak, cheese crust, and is served on a flour tortilla. Something interesting to note is that what we usually call cheese crust is called “cheese rind” here and the avocado is served on the side, so Chef Danny put it on his taco.

The first thing to note about this taco is that it was very dry. The flour tortilla was drenched in oil so it gave it a fried texture, but it also made it very hard and dry. The shrimp was seasoned only with salt and butter, but its flavor was lost among all the ingredients. Chef Danny said that the meat was fine all by itself, since it was seasoned with salt. When he took his second bite, he was able to distinguish the flavor of the avocado which made the taco feel “more complete.” This is why this taco gets a rating of 6.3.

Price: $4 dollars ($75 pesos)

Queto Taco

This taco has a New York strip steak, cheese rind, bacon, purple onion, coriander, bittersweet raspberry sauce with chili, and is served on a fried flour tortilla. The avocado is served on the side. The first thing that Chef Danny said is that the taco looked very different because of all the different and unusual ingredients.

When he tried it, he said that on this taco the coal flavor was easily perceivable, maybe because the smoked taste of the bacon was there. This made Chef Danny think that they were grilled rather than griddled. Something that worried our host was the raspberry sauce, since he thought it would break the taco’s flavor harmony, but this did not happen, and it matched pretty well with all the ingredients, especially the flour tortilla. This is why this taco gets a rating of 7.7.

Price: $3.5 dollars ($65 pesos)

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