Marina del Pilar encourages Baja Californians to take care of water

The Baja Californian governor reiterated the importance of taking care of water and stated that there is organization across all branches of government to guarantee its supply

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, Baja California’s governor, encouraged the state’s population to carry out actions to motivate a more efficient use of water as summer begins to approach the region.

“We need to make an effort, all of us together, to take care of water because summer is about to begin which is the time of the year where this resource is used the most,” she said.

Because of this, she said that the Baja Californian government is working together with the International Commission of Borders and Waters (CILA) and the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) to guarantee water services, in light of a complicated drought situation in the Colorado River.

The governor called on everyone to raise awareness and encourage a culture of water conservation, always with a careful and responsible attitude that should be shared with everyone.

During the 26th edition of Morning Press Conference with Marina del Pilar, the governor stated that these matters, and other highly relevant issues, were discussed during a recent working trip in Mexico City where she spoke with CONAGUA’s head, Germán Arturo Martínez Santoyo.

Marina del Pilar also emphasized that, since the return to in-person classes last February, the government’s main commitment has been to guarantee all teachers and students have a safe return to their classrooms. This is why everything related to this process has been following the health recommendations by the Scientific Committee of the Secretariat of Health.

It is thanks to these actions that schools are still functioning without becoming a health risk to the educational community, which also has to do with the joint responsibility and commitment of teachers and parents.

Concretely, the Governor stated that 99% of school facilities are in operation and this same percentage of students are attending school.

This has a lot to do with the Educando con el Corazón (Educating with Heart) program whose goal is that Baja California has 500 school facilities with extended hours. So far, 165 of these are in operation, most of them in Mexicali and Tijuana.

Regarding teachers’ benefits, the governor said that a simpler and more basic package for 900 workers is being worked on in order to give them greater work certainty and allow them to concentrate on their job.

For this, resources amounting to $5 billion pesos for 2022 were allocated of which 20% will be used to pay salaries and severances for teachers in the state. A salary raise of 7.5% was also authorized.

Lastly, the governor underscored the delivery of 55,000 uniforms and school equipment for 94,000 students, as well as 2,400 scholarships for students with good grades, 630 for special education students, and 120 economic aids for school footwear.

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