Marina del Pilar prepares project to build affordable housing in Tijuana

She shared that they are working with INFONAVIT to accomplish this project

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Approximately 60% of families in Tijuana don’t have their own house and due to high rent costs, it is very common to find people who have to move to look for more affordable places.

Due to this, the Baja Californian government, led by Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda shared in a press conference that there is a project to build low-cost housing in the municipality of Tijuana and the rest of Baja California.

In Baja California we have a situation: for many years affordable housing hasn’t been built. Most housing costs are around 800,000 pesos or more and it is out of reach for thousands of workers.

Marina del Pilar stated that a lot of workers make an effort day after day to get property and build a legacy, and this can be consolidated when one gets their own house. She shared that they are working together with INFONAVIT to achieve this project.

She also shared that she had this very same issue when she was Mexicali mayor and, unfortunately, her budget was too scarce to carry out a project of this magnitude. However, now that she is governor, she has a bigger budget and that way a higher percentage of Baja Californians can have their own home.

“We are very close to signing an agreement, I think, in the next few days,” the governor concluded.

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