Adobada taco from “Taquería El Flamazo” in Ensenada gets an 8.5 due to lack of guacamole

Their handmade corn tortillas delighted our host

On this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Ensenada, our host, Chef Danny Betancourt went to “Taquería El Flamazo” located at Calle J 787 El Sauzal 22760. On this occasion, he tried two classic tacos: a carne asada taco and an adobada taco, both priced at $1.40 dollars ($26 pesos).

Adobada Taco

The first thing that Danny noticed was the size of the tortilla which was very good. This taco has adobada deep-fried meat, onion, coriander, and bird beak’s chili tomato sauce. Danny said that, even though the meat was making him drool, it was quite a small amount stating “it was missing 5 more pesos of meat”.

The meat was described by Danny as “the color of an excellent adobo” which shows the awesome flavor and humidity in the meat, but Danny reiterated that it was lacking protein. Something interesting about this taqueria is that they don’t have guacamole and our host considers that this is an ingredient that makes the taco “come together”. This is why this taco gets a rating of 8.5.

Price: $1.40 dollars ($26 pesos)

Carne Asada Taco

This taco has carne asada (grilled meat), beans, onion, coriander, guacamole, and is served on a handmade corn tortilla like the previous taco. When he gave his first bite, Chef Danny said that the taco was quite “chunky”, as it had a good amount of ingredients.

The tortilla was quite soft as well as having a nice flavor. The meat was marinated which gave it a flavor of orange and several condiments. This taco did have authentic guacamole, but two negative points were given due to both the sauce and meat which were lacking in flavor. Though the meat had a nice thickness and was marinated, its taste was not enough, and the coal smoked flavor never came through. This taco gets a rating of 7.9.

Price: $1.40 dollars ($26 pesos)

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