Pressed pork rind taco at Guisados La Vianda in Ensenada left us speechless

Another taco was tried whose meat was as thin as jerky

On this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Ensenada, our host, Chef Danny Betancourt went to “Guisados La Vianda” located at México 3 Km.102, El Sauzal. On this occasion, he tried two tacos: a pressed pork rind taco priced at $1.55 dollars ($31 pesos) and a taco called “El Vampiro” priced at $1.75 dollars ($35 pesos).

Pressed Pork Rind Taco

This taco has pressed pork rind on a bed of beans and is served on a white corn tortilla. Danny decided to add a few pickled onions and lime juice as the taco looked quite greasy. When he took his first bite, our host said he was left speechless.

The pork rind was mixed in a sauce that makes it quite mushy, but its intense flavor is the highlight. Danny said that adding the lime and onions was a good idea because it was quite salty. He was able to feel the grease and pork rind foundation, and the beans were refried in the same grease which added so much flavor that Chef Danny wished they had added even more. This is why this taco gets a rating of 8.1.

Price: $1.55 dollars ($31 pesos)

El Vampiro Taco

This has a complete beefsteak, a bed of beans, onion, coriander, fried bacon, green sauce, and is served on a recently made, thick, and good-sized corn tortilla. The beefsteak was thin (almost like jerky), which gives it a very smooth texture which covers almost the entire tortilla.

What did not convince Chef Danny was the mixing of the bacon and beans: it should only be one of these ingredients, because both of them at the same time don’t really match at all. The green sauce was made out of jalapeño peppers and avocado and needed a little more push, though it did fulfill its mission. This is why this taco gets a rating of 7.7.

Price: $1.75 dollars ($35 pesos)

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