Taco Chino in Ensenada distinguishes itself due to its crunchy pork belly taco

Their guacamole with ginger and sesame also delighted our host

In this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Ensenada, our host, Chef Danny Betancourt visited Taco Chino located at Calle Ámbar 155, Empleados 22820. On this occasion, he tried two tacos: a chunkun style taco and a pork belly taco, both priced at $2.25 dollars ($45 pesos).

Chunkun Taco

This taco is wrapped in a special wheat dough as if it were a fried burrito and inside it has pork rind, pork belly, cabbage, onion, and is served with an Asian mix of guacamole, ginger, and sesame. The first thing Chef Danny noticed is the way this taco crunched when he took his first bite.

Despite its crunchy dough, its filling was soft and well humidified. The sauce created a very nice contrast among the Asian flavors of the filling. Chef Danny also highlighted the combination of flavors and textures that this unique taco has to offer which is why it gets a rating of 7.9.

Price: $2.25 dollars ($45 pesos)

Pork Belly Taco

The first thing that Chef Danny highlighted is the corn tortilla which he thought was handmade. This taco has pork belly, coriander, napa cabbage, and macha sauce that our host decided to add.

The pork belly was one of the ingredients that delighted our chef since it was crunchy outside and inside one could taste this cut’s grease. The vegetables created a nice contrast with all the other elements, and the macha sauce, although famous for being quite spicy, was not hot at all. The tortilla had a very good size, though it was a little too thin, which is why this taco gets a rating of 8.3.

Price: $2.25 dollars ($45 pesos)

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