Quesabirria taco with egg and ham in Ensenada’s “El Farolito de Don Lalo” is a gem

Chef Danny Betancourt called this restaurant “a gem in the highway”

In this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Ensenada, our host, Chef Danny Betancourt went to El Farolito de Don Lalo, located at C. Riverside, Colinas del Mar 22760, El Sauzal. On this occasion he tried two tacos: a birria taco with pork rind priced at $1.5 dollars ($30 pesos) and a quesabirria taco with egg priced at $2.75 dollars ($55 pesos).

Quesabirria Taco with Egg

The first thing that Chef Danny noticed was the size of this taco which was quite big. This taco has asadero cheese, scrambled eggs, ham, a bed of refried beans, onion, coriander, red sauce, and beef birria meat, all served on a flour tortilla. When he took his first bite, our host was surprised with the taco’s flavors and called the restaurant a “gem in the highway.”

Chef Danny appreciated the different ingredients’ flavors. The cheese had a nice “string”, which means that it stretched a lot whenever he took a bite. The tortilla was thin which meant the taco’s flavor did not overwhelm the taste. The birria meat was very soft and well-seasoned with the sauce giving a nice push to all flavors. The egg and ham created a good contrast between all the ingredients. Chef Danny thought that the ham was not really necessary, the egg would have been enough which is why this taco gets a rating of 8.3.

Price: $2.75 dollars ($55 pesos)

Birria Taco with Pork Rind

This taco has beef birria meat, pork rind, red sauce, onion, coriander, two packaged corn tortillas (though nicely sized), and unlike classic birria tacos which are served with whole beans, this taco is served on a bed of refried beans.

The meat had a nice flavor and its texture was quite smooth. The sauce was a little “deceiving” for Danny since it is the kind of sauce that heats up during the aftertaste. One of the negative points of this taco is that the pork rind wasn’t really felt, our host deducing that it was mixed with the birria meat, very similar to pressed pork rind. The tortillas were quite fried, but did not crunch as expected by being drenched in grease, though this did give them more flavor. This is why this taco gets a rating of 7.6.

Price: $1.5 dollars ($30 pesos)

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