Environmental pollution is the main cause of allergies: Tijuana is among the most affected cities

Pollution has made Tijuana citizens have more allergy problems than in previous years

An allergist visit is something that is becoming more and more relevant in Tijuana due to the air pollution that has been constantly increasing due to a variety of factors. One of these is the excessive use of cars which is why more people are reported as having allergies that can range from mild to unbearable.

According to information shared by the former Director of Environmental Management and Impact of the Subsecretariat of Environmental Protection, Saúl Guzmán García, in July 2021, the highest percentage of nitrogen oxide pollution comes from fumes caused by the use of transportation vehicles.

Tráfico en Tijuana (por Saira Peñaloza)
Tráfico en Tijuana (por Saira Peñaloza)

In addition, the city has been monitoring air quality and has been emitting red alerts warning the population to avoid all outdoor activities. Unfortunately, as the information revealed, these monitoring units lack the budget to continue operating as they should.

This has caused Tijuana citizens to have more allergy problems than in previous years and, sadly, the youngest people are the most affected. In fact, in Mexico this condition is considered a public health issue as one of the main causes of hospital morbidity and pediatric emergencies.

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Because of this, it is recommended that for prevention or in case of the slightest discomfort symptom, Tijuana natives visit an allergist. There is no doubt that the best one you will find in the city is Dr. Gerardo Zúñiga, who is a specialist with professional formation and highly qualified in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that affect the respiratory system and the skin.

This specialist has great experience in the treatment of allergy-related diseases, both in children and adults. If you want to schedule an appointment you can visit this webpage or call the following numbers: (663) 103-8054 or (664) 635-1895.

These are some of the diseases that are treated here:
Allergic rhinitis
All types of asthma
Acute hives
Chronic hives
Food allergies
Allergic conjunctivitis
Medicine allergies
Environmental allergies

Recently, Baja Californian authorities have revealed that children 4 years and older are more prone to developing an allergic reaction which can cause sneezing, itching sensation in the nose, runny nose, eye itching, coughing, and even asthma symptoms, which is why going to a specialist is important.

If you want to schedule an appointment you can do this by visiting this webpage or calling the following phone numbers: (663) 103-8054 or (664) 635-1895. For more information, you can find this specialist on social media:

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