Playa Raul’s in Rosarito is ideal for surfers of all levels: Baja Window to the South

This shows one of the many wonders of Baja California

Photo by: Austin Neill on Unsplash

Baja Window to the South wants to show and everyone to know the best aspects of Baja California, both the most popular and renowned such as its gastronomy, wines, and culture, and the least famous such as its wonderful beach and coasts where one can surf.

This time, the special guest was Eliot Hernández, better known as “El Don del Mar” who was interviewed. A Tijuana native and lover of Baja Californian waves, he has more than 13 years of surfing experience and has a degree in Scientific Education, an open sea rescue certificate, and rescue training. He also opened a surfing school to share his love for this sport.

This is not all that “El Don del Mar” does, since he also volunteers at Playas de Tijuana where he likes sharing his wisdom to help others and to spend more time in the waves.

Hernández shared with the hosts that surfing is a wonderful thing in all of Baja California. It is a sport where all participants, even experts, can take some time off from their normal lives and disconnect from the entire world by having an unparalleled connection with the ocean.

He also stated that the best place for surfing is located at Km. 42 in Rosarito, better known as Playa Raul’s, where surfers of all levels and even tourists can travel and enjoy the variety of waves that occur there. This all shows once again one of the many wonders that exist in Baja California for both tourists and sport fans.

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