Governor Marina del Pilar presents strategic plan to benefit people with disabilities in Baja California

The objective is for Baja California to become a completely inclusive society

On Wednesday, the 11th edition of the “Mañanera (Morning Press Conference) con Marina del Pilar” took place. There, the Baja California Governor revealed the strategic actions that will be undertaken to bring comprehensive attention to people with disabilities that live in Baja California, in order to make of the state a more inclusive society without any discrimination.

Among these actions, she highlighted the 360 million pesos investment, in cooperation with the Government of Mexico led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to make universal the delivery of bimonthly aid of 2,800 pesos to more than 77,000 people with disabilities registered by the state administration.

Additionally, a social program is being planned that will allocate more than 100 million pesos to matters of health and education aid, as well as several concrete actions such as collecting prostheses, wheelchairs, and medicines for Baja Californians who need them.

Governor Marina del Pilar expressed that this is not only about aid, but about a new vision of disability across the state. That is why a statewide executive decree will be issued which will generate permanent training and awareness outlines for the Baja California government personnel.

Another very specific objective of the current six-year term government is that 5% of new hiring will be of people with disabilities. This, undoubtedly, will begin a new phase in the way public administration deals with this sensitive issue with this part of the population.

In addition to that, infrastructure will be built and modified accordingly to guarantee free access to people with disabilities in state facilities. This will ensure that they are safe for all kinds of people, specially those who have some sort of handicap.

An ICI (Institution Committed with Inclusivity) Guide will be created to give certifications and proofs to public and private institutions that truly commit themselves to every single person’s inclusion. This extensive guide will be applied during this administration, so that compliance can be permanently monitored.

Another key aspect that will help to guarantee inclusion is education, which is why Marina del Pilar claimed that agreements with academic organizations will be reinforced, so as to promote the complete participation of students with disabilities, taking into account all of their needs in their professional formation.

Within the education section, the Governor emphasized the publication of the first Mexican Sign Language of Baja California Teacher Guide, which strengthens the teaching tools for people with auditory vulnerabilities in several subjects such as reading comprehension and math.

She also added that an Infrastructure and Pedestrian Program was designed, in coordination with the corresponding agency, that will bolster the development of spaces that allow the free circulation of people with disabilities and their companions. This will be accomplished by building sidewalks, ramps, transportation drop zones, parking spaces, urban equipment, and other key elements.

Finally, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda explained that the main objective is that Baja California becomes a completely inclusive society so that people with disabilities and their families have cross-sectional support that deals directly with the historic vulnerability that people with disabilities have struggled with, so that it can finally be eradicated.

Video: Financial aid will be doubled for people with disabilities


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