The greatest taco de birria in San Diego comes from Mi Tierra Super Taco

We tried this taco with red and green sauce, but only one won

Photo by: @ciscokid_1 on Instagram

Our host, Issac Kalimo, is trying the latest taco from Mi Tierra Super Taco, located at 1835 Highland Ave in National City, San Diego, in this episode of Taco Bites. During the first two chapters, a roast taco lacking in salt and an adobada taco that could be eaten up to 20 in one sitting owing to its spice were both attempted. The birria taco was tested on this occasion.

Our host wanted to remind our readers of the two Taco Bites regulations before they tried it: The first is to eat the tacos standing up, and the second is that, as the slogan states, "One Taco, Two Bites," you can only take two bites before giving it a final decision and a rating.

This taco contains onion and cilantro as toppings; the meat was tender, and to complete the experience, he added red sauce in one half of the taco and green sauce in the other, as well as lime juice all over the surface.

The first mouthful was with red sauce, which Isaac liked a lot and said the combination of lemon with all the components was excellent. The second bite came with green sauce, our host's least favorite.

The taco was delicious and juicy in general, evident with each mouthful. This was Isaac's favorite of the three tacos he sampled at Mi Tierra Super Taco, with an 8.3 rating.

Click here to learn more about Mi Tierra Super Taco on their Facebook page.


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