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Fines and extra water charges are waived for families in Baja California: Marina del Pilar

The goal is to aid the economy of those in Baja California who have been affected by the pandemic

Governor Marina del Pilar vila Olmeda issued an Executive Decree for the forgiveness of fees and fines for debtors of water for residential use, based on the Fourth Transformation, to improve the economics of Baja California households.

When the surcharges and fines for non-payment of water consumption rights are covered in a single display, the mandate, published in the Official State Newspaper, forgives users of the metered service for residential use 100 percent of the fees and fines.

Similarly, when debtors choose to pay in installments, 75 percent of the surcharges and 100 percent of the fines will be canceled if the payments do not exceed six months.

In her remarks, the State President reaffirmed her commitment to ensuring Baja Californians' right to sufficient, healthy, acceptable, and affordable access to, disposal of, and water cleanliness for personal and domestic consumption.

It also states that "transforming the economic conditions of our people, which have been significantly degraded due to the health catastrophe created by the SARS CoV2 virus, is crucial for our government."

"The governments of the Fourth Transformation recognize that supporting families is an investment in their future; thus it is critical to provide them with economic security," the decree states.

"It is recommended as part of the measures to forgive fees and fines that have been produced by the use of water for residential use, to decrease the costs that debts represent, and promote the regularization of responsibilities. State prosecutors," it continues.

The order went into effect on June 19, the day it was published, and will remain in effect until December 31, 2021.

Marina del Pilar carries out social intervention in the Mexicali Valley.

On the other hand, the president convened the Conference "With the Heart Ahead" in the Mexicali Valley, notably at the "Guadalupe Victoria" Sports Unit, in conformity with the administration's social mission.

The event was attended by community members interested in learning more about any procedure, service, or assistance that they may get from the State of Baja California, with officials visiting each of the villages in person.

In her message, Marina del Pilar vila Olmeda emphasized the importance of residents having direct contact with state officials, as they are more than prepared to address complaints, problems, and needs that occur in communities rather than behind government office desks.

VIDEO:The governor of Baja California waives fines and water fees for Baja Californians.


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