Baristi and Grupo Cosmopolitan offer the best coffee experience in Tijuana

The combination of modernity offered by Grupo Cosmopolitan's facilities combined with the characteristic aspects of Baristi make these places unique

If anything has come to revolutionize the panoramic view in Tijuana to a modern and versatile vision are the buildings created by Grupo Cosmopolitan, located in strategic areas so that visitors and staff working in one of its offices or living in one of its condos can enjoy the best food and beverage that Tijuana has to offer.

It is for this reason that Cosmopolitan works hand in hand with Baristi, a 100% Tijuana company founded in 2001, which has established itself for having the best specialty coffee. Fabián Sánchez, founder and coffee director of Baristi received first place in the National Barista Competition in 2003, and one of its baristas has represented Mexico in the World Barista Championship in Italy and Switzerland. It is worth mentioning that it is also the inventor of the "Esprofesso", which is currently the only machine of its kind in the world and the first espresso machine designed and manufactured in a coffee producing country.

According to Grupo Cosmopolitan:

With each project we seek to exceed expectations in order to add value to the area where they are located with buildings that improve the environment, which has led us to obtain some high impact awards.

Grupo Cosmopolitan currently has five franchises located in Esquina Sara, Eazy Living Rio, Alameda Otay, Bulevar Agua Caliente and the Foodgarden in Plaza Rio, these stand out for the high quality of its specialty coffee, desserts, food and facilities.

Esquina Sara

Esquina Sara is a coworking space project with a privileged and strategic location, where you will have access from restaurants to a Baristi coffee that is part of the same building; offering from cappuccinos, lates, americanos, among other drinks, and as a plus the option to choose some wines. It is located on 4th Street and Avenida Revolucion in Zona Centro.

Baristi Esquina Sara
Baristi Esquina Sara

Eazy Living Río

This space is centrally located, as it is close to Tijuana's gastronomic zone and there is a great variety of hotels and restaurants. The Baristi café in this area is one of the most visited, as it is surrounded by other businesses and schools. In addition, Eazy Living Río is a coworking space and apartment complex with all the services you need. Baristi is located in the same building as the Eazy Living apartments and Eazy Workspace offices on Avenida Río Tijuana and Bulevar Sánchez Taboada.

Alameda Otay

The Baristi at Plaza Alameda has an excellent location, as it is inside one of the busiest plazas in Tijuana, located in Alameda Otay, La Pechuga in Otay, just 5 minutes from the border port of entry. You can go for your coffee very early, since they open from 8:30 in the morning and close at 10 at night, being one of the cafes in the area that closes later. Here they have a larger food menu and wine.

Agua Caliente LIFE Boulevard

This is another Baristi that is adjacent to one of the buildings of Grupo Cosmopolitan, as its neighbor is the LIFE condominium building, located on Agua Caliente Boulevard. It is in an area where you can find movie theaters, restaurants and even a few minutes away from the Casino Caliente and Plaza Galerías.

Plaza Río

Tijuana's most famous plaza, Plaza Río also has a Baristi in its Foodgarden, where you can find a wide selection of food. This branch is great to visit with your friends; here there are neon signs and it stands out for its relaxing atmosphere, excellent to enjoy Baristi's specialty coffees.


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