Judges visit Tijuana-San Diego: they will decide if it will become World Design Capital

These are the places they have decided to visit

In July, the Design Forward Alliance issued a press release in which it highlighted that the San Diego-Tijuana region had been selected as one of the two finalists to become the World Design Capital 2024 (WDC 2024).

And precisely in this month of October they will say if San Diego-Tijuana will be named with this important design title, so they began a series of visits to both cities and Tijuana became the host of the judges from Monday, October 4 until today. They will visit some of the most important points of the city.

The first thing they visited was the San Diego-Tijuana border crossing at the CBX. The CBX building is responsible for facilitating air travel between the two countries, and according to the official website of the event: "its infrastructure testifies to binational collaboration through politics, economics and design".

The next part of the visit was the historic Bujazán Cinema, now known as Observatorio, a film school, where food and beverages for the event were provided by Tras / Horizonte by Kokopelli, known for their contemporary Mexican cuisine, mixology and brewery.

Also, today they will visit Playas de Tijuana overlooking the Mexican side of Friendship Park, El Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT), La Escuela Libre de Arquitectura (ELA), La Culinary Art School of Tijuana who will offer an intimate and leisurely Chef's Table style meal. There will also be a border walk through the PedWest crossing.

An announcement will be made soon as to whether the region will be the new capital of design. It is worth noting that Moscow is also among the finalists. Do you think San Diego-Tijuana will take the title?

VIDEO: "Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana": Tacos El Francés Playas


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