First fall storm in San Diego to hit Monday and Tuesday

Showers and possible lightning expected in the area

Photo by: Anna Atkins on Unsplash

The first storm of the recent fall season is expected to hit San Diego County this October 4 and 5. The estimated rainfall is 0.02 inches on the coast and about a half inch in the mountains and valleys, according to the National Weather Service.

This storm is expected to bring light rains as well as possible thunder and lightning in the areas around San Diego. It is worth noting that it is composed of warm humidity from the west of Baja California, which may increase maximum temperatures.

According to the official weather station in San Diego, this year there has been 5.26 inches of rainfall, which is below average, resulting in one of the driest rainy seasons since 1850.

According to meteorologists, this rain could be arriving in San Diego during Monday afternoon and remain intermittent through Tuesday. Another storm of a similar size could arrive as early as Thursday.

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