Hematología Tijuana: The best place to treat blood diseases

Learn about the most common ailments that require the intervention of these specialists

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Hematology is the medical specialty in charge of treating diseases related to alterations in the blood and structural and biochemical disorders of these elements, such as: low platelets, thrombosis, lymphomas, anemias, as well as the increase or decrease out of range of red and white blood cells.

Health care has become one of the major concerns of today's society in the face of increasingly recurring ailments due to lifestyle or genetic problems.

In the city there is the best medical center to treat this type of diseases: Hematología Tijuana.

Located on the eighth floor of the Hospital Angeles, the office provides timely and necessary care to its patients with multiple treatments that improve their quality of life.

In an interview for San Diego Red, one of its medical representatives, Dr. Abril Denisse Flores Carrillo, explained that the most frequent diseases related to hematology are anemias, which are caused by iron deficiency. Likewise, she explained that other frequent causes of consultation are low platelets that manifest themselves with bruises and bleeding.

She mentioned that people should be alert when manifesting one or more of the following symptoms: bruises, bleeding, palpitations, shortness of breath, weight loss for no apparent reason, excessive sleepiness, pale skin, bone pain, persistent fever, fatigue, lymph nodes and blood clots.

Dr. Abril Denisse Flores Carrillo has extensive experience in her area as she is:

- Hematologist certified by the Mexican Board of Hematology.

- Doctor graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) campus Tijuana.

- Graduated from the Hematology specialty at Centro Medico Nacional Siglo XXI.

- Member of the Mexican Association for the Study of Hematology (AMEH), as well as the College of Hematology of Tijuana.

- Chief of the Blood Bank of the Hospital ISSSTE Palmas Tijuana.

- Member of the European Hematology Association (EHA).

Hematología Tijuana has multiple treatments among which are:

- Transfusion therapy

- Chemotherapy application

- Lumbar puncture

- Bone marrow aspirate

- Peripheral blood smear

- Bone biopsy

- Phlebotomies

- Bone marrow transplant and plasmapheresis.

We invite you to schedule your appointment for an evaluation. Call the number: 663-119-50-49

WhatsApp: 663-119-50-49


Facebook: @Hematologia.tijuana


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