Baja California

Ensenada will host the World Congress of Vine and Wine 2022

The greatest experts in the wine sector will meet in Ensenada

Photo by: jeremy-lwanga/jeff-siepman vía Unsplash

Good news for all wine lovers and visitors of Valle de Guadalupe, an event of great importance for the State will be held in one of the municipalities of Baja California.

According to the Secretary of Sustainable Economy and Tourism (SEST), Mario Escobedo Carignan, the World Congress of the International Organization of Vine and Wine 2022 and the National Assembly of the International Organization of Vine and Wine will be held in Ensenada (OIV).

The purpose of the event is to bring together the most important experts of the wine sector in the world. In fact, the opportunity to host this important event came about because Baja California, particularly Valle de Guadalupe, has the ideal space to host visitors.

In addition, in Baja California there are 150 wineries with more than four thousand hectares of vineyards. Eighty-five percent of Mexican wine is produced here, which is why in June Escobedo Carignan proposed the state as the venue.

Among the states against which it competed were Guanajuato and Coahuila, however, after the committee that organized the congress analyzed the proposals, it determined that the ideal place would be Baja California.

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