The exhibition "Fantasía Moral" by Japanese artist Shinpei Takeda arrives in Tijuana

Through various techniques such as video, sculpture, drawing and textile, traumatic experiences caused by violence and displacement are addressed.

Shinpei Takeda is a Japanese artist who lives in Tijuana, and who next Saturday, June 5, will exhibit his art-installation works with his show "Moral Fantasy", at the Tijuana Cultural Center (Cecut).

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The Japanese artist's project seeks to reveal the thread between the faculty of doing and the faculty of imagining, and is made up of artistic and research projects carried out and produced by Takeda over the last few years.

Photo By Cecut
Photo By Cecut

This is the reason for the use of various techniques such as video, sculpture, drawing and textiles, which address traumatic experiences caused by violence and displacement.

Photo by Cecut
Photo by Cecut

It should be noted that Shinpei has ventured into contemporary visual art with avant-garde proposals endowed with an aesthetic singularity that gives a distinctive stamp to his work; he is also a filmmaker in the documentary field and has worked in the fields of music, activism and teaching.

If you want to visit his exhibition "Fantasía Moral", you can do so starting this Saturday at Cecut's El Cubo Hall 2. To purchase your tickets, click here.

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