Viral: Border agent and mexican man talk over Tijuana-San Diego border wall

From the wall that divides Tijuana and San Diego both men talk about different aspects and interests.

Through his TikTok account, a young man of Mexican origin, specifically from Puerto Vallarta, shared the conversation he had with a border patrol agent, between the wall that divides Tijuana, Baja California and San Diego, California.

With a calm and natural manner, the 17 year old boy and the U.S. agent engaged in a conversation about what they were doing and what the officer was doing as part of his work on this border.

Even, the Mexican identified as Osvaldo Sanchez, asked the agent what his salary is, answering him without any problem. Here is the video:

The video has already gone viral for different reasons, among them the kindness and humility of the agent, who not only clarifies that what he earns is not enough to live in California. He also mentioned that his family is Mexican and he prefers to live in this country rather than the United States. He even recognizes the beauty of Mexico.

The pleasant and curious conversation ends with the possibility of them seeing each other soon.


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