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Mexicali: one thousand 700 pesos are charged for a place in line for the anti-covid vaccine

Authorities asked the population to avoid waiting in line days in advance and to wait patiently for their turn in the massive vaccination campaign.

Social media has been the perfect scenario for scammers and opportunists who try to make money based on people's frustration. This time it was on Facebook where a publication circulated in which 6 places in line for the application of the vaccine against COVID-19 were being sold in Mexicali.

It was in the Facebook group called "Bolsa de trabajo Mexicali" where a member of the community named Luis Veraz advertised having 6 places in the line of cars in front of the vaccination center installed in the FEX Mexicali, selling each one for one thousand 700 pesos, which generated a profit of 10 thousand 200 pesos.

Previously, authorities had registered an increase in the attendance of residents coming from Tijuana and Tecate to Mexicali to receive the vaccine in the state capital, which caused the government of Baja California to request residents not to travel to any place outside their area of residence for the application of the dose, since this greatly affects the registration of vaccines.

This weekend at FEX facilities, 3 thousand anti-COVID vaccines were administered to adults over 60 years of age, as confirmed by Alonso Perez Rico, state health secretary, who also pointed out that the strategic points of CECYTE Plantel Xochimilco, COBACH Plantel Baja California and the Santa Isabel Health Center, were the most crowded.

Today, the massive vaccination campaign continued, for which authorities reminded the population to remain calm and have patience in this process, as the vaccine will be applied to all people without exception, stressing also that there is no need to wait in line days before, as this instead of collaborating to the situation could result in a health alteration for the sector of the population to be vaccinated.

Finally, they thanked the health personnel for their collaboration in the application of the dose against the coronavirus and urged the elderly to continue with the preventive health measures in order to avoid contracting the SARS Cov-2 virus, since the injection only minimizes the complications caused by the disease but does not prevent 100% of its contraction.

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